Anthony Genovese and Gérald Passedat

We celebrate 20 years of unforgettable emotions

The second Special Dinner  is scheduled for March 26th  

Anthony Genovese and Marion Lichtle


 Gérald Passedat – 3 Michelin Stars at Le Petit Nice (Marseille – France)



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Amuse bouche

“Le bouillon abyssal au dictame Crétois”
The abyssal broth with dittany of Crete

Asparagus, mango and marsala

“Les poissons du sud en caravane blanche, Poutargue et caviar osciètre”
Southern fish in white caravans, bottarga, osciètre caviar

Red Noodles and squid

Risone pasta, peas, pistachios and razor clams

“Le loup de palangre Lucie Passedat, Truffe du Ventoux”
Lucie Passedat longline bass with Ventoux truffles

Sweet Sunset

The final cuddles


Champagne pairing

Louis Roederer Collection 243 Vintage 2018
Louis Roederer Rosé Vintage 2016
Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage 2014
Louis Roederer Carte Blanche 243 Vintage 2018







Passedat e Genovese