An ever-evolving path

A true reflection of its founders Anthony Genovese and Marion Lichtle, both in its role as “ringer master” of cuisine and its refined design, restaurant Il Pagliaccio opens its doors to the public in 2003 on Via dei Banchi Vecchi, in the heart of Rome. Throughout the years it continuously shifts and changes, transforming its style, heart, and soul.

Anthony Genovese and Marion Lichtle open Il Pagliaccio in Rome. 


Il Pagliaccio is awarded with the first Michelin Star.

Il Pagliaccio is awarded 2 Michelin Stars

A thorough renovation of Il Pagliaccio concludes, perfectly aligning the restaurant’s interior with the elegance of its cuisine. 

Il Pagliaccio joins the prestigious Relais & Châteaux fellowship. 

The restaurant changes shape with a structural renovation that mirrors its new gastronomic concept: Parallels.
With “Parallels” chef Genovese sets Il Pagliaccio on a new course that recounts the true identity of the restaurant from the moment the diner arrives; a contemporary path that embraces both the dining room and the kitchen, oriental and French techniques, top Italian ingredients and international influences. 

2019 will see Il Pagliaccio return to its origins, to the concept of a “circus of flavours” upon which the restaurant was founded 16 years ago. The restaurant will shed the superfluous, both in the kitchen and the dining room. It will also undergo a restyling of its logo and interior and continue walking the tightrope of constant culinary experimentation. “Certain stories travel far only to return to their origins.” Il “Pagliaccio” welcomes you to the Circus!