Tasting Menus

To astonish and excite, to invite you to a game of surprises around the table. Be a kid again while staying a grownup. The pleasure of closing your eyes and rediscovering unique and unfamiliar flavors.


Il Pagliaccio proposes 4 tasting menus.
There is no “a la carte” menu.



A journey from East to West that knows no bounds, with flavors and emotions focused on the plate.

10 courses served for all diners at the table.

185€ per person drinks excluded


Feeling, warmth, and contact with a journey that traces the way home, studded with stops that recall memories.

8 dishes served to all diners at the table.
165€ per person drinks excluded


So close and full of life, nature welcomes this experience focused on respect for the ingredient.

6 dishes served to all diners at the table.

125€ per person drinks excluded


An essential crossroad, fundamental milestones of ethereal experiences.

Only available at lunch, served to all participants at the table.

€85 per person (excluding drinks)